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Pro Beauty Talks Interview with Charlie Price


For this special episode of Pro Beauty Talks, Melanie is joined by Eric Gomez as a special guest co-host. Eric has been part of the beauty industry as an accomplished hairdresser for over thirty years, most of which as a platform artist and educator for TIGI. Eric will be a judge for the upcoming Hair Awards USA.

Life is precious, and time is fleeting. Living our passion, being focused, and accomplishing our goals is paramount to a life well-lived.  Charlie Price is a great example of an incredibly talented hairdresser that knows where he is going. During this episode of Pro Beauty Talks, Charlie reflects on how he became a hairdresser, artist, and such an icon in the beauty world. His manifesto is written and articulated through his work. Charlie is passionately focused on the growth of Beauty Underground Magazine and the Hair Awards USA.  His third planned “big wow” project is a very exciting “gift” to all hairdressers and the beauty industry. Charlie gives us a sneak peek into what we will call for now “The Anthropology of Hairdressing”. 

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