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Texans Can Apply to be a Volunteer Member of the Barbering and Cosmetology Advisory Board


Texans interested in serving as volunteer members of the Texas Department of Licensing Regulation (TDLR) Barbering and Cosmetology Advisory Board have until September 15 to apply for one of nine slots on the committee. Members will serve staggered six-year terms.

 HB 1560, TDLR’s Sunset legislation, dissolved the existing Advisory Board on Barbering and the existing Advisory Board on Cosmetology as of August 31, 2021, and created this new advisory board, which will start meeting in early 2022.

 The board will provide technical knowledge and industry expertise to the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation and TDLR, which regulates the barbering and cosmetology professions in Texas.

 Member vacancies include:

  • Four members who each hold an individual practitioner license (for an individual practitioner, establishment or school) including:

o   At least one holder of a Class A Barber license;

o   At least one holder of a Cosmetology Operator license;

  •         Two members who each hold an establishment license;
  •         Two members who each hold a school license; and
  •         One public member. The public member cannot have any association with the barbering or cosmetology professions.

 Anyone interested in serving as a member of the board can submit an application online ( or send an email ( requesting that an application be sent to them.

 Members of the board will not be compensated, and they must cover their own expenses if they need to travel to Austin as part of their duties. Legislation in the most recent session allows TDLR advisory boards and commissions to meet via videoconference, so any travel may be limited. All applications will be considered, and TDLR will contact applicants who were chosen to serve on the board.




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